Stock management

Excel can be really useful when you are running a small store (wether e-commerce or stationary) and you need to manage your stock. Most likely there are multiple different products, that you need to keep track of - placing new orders, keeping eye on old stock products, considering the seasonality and avalibility, etc. Excel is helping you with all this.

Here is our example of how you can save tons of time and be efficient with stock management. Our customer Joe is running a office supplies store and needs to order inks, toners and papers every day. He also needs to pay attention to quantities, if ordering too much, it would result in ageing stock and lost money. We prepared the Excel sheet that is calculating the daily order load based on last week's sales numbers, minimum order quantity, and also taking into consideration the seasonality. Joe needs to update the file with current stock and sales report and he will get instantly the overview of what to order.